We do not ship any of our products at this time. We deliver for free if your order is $30 or more and within a 10 mile radius of our farm. We also sell directly from the farm all year long, just let us know you're coming and we'll have your order ready when you arrive.

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Fill Your Freezer With Delicious Pork - Find Out How To Get The Best Price

Farm to Table ingredients available now!

If breakfast is your favorite meal, try our breakfast sausage paired with farm fresh chicken eggs.
Prefer a lean cut of pork with plenty of natural flavor? Then you'll want to try our meat, packaged for smaller meals.
Are you a baker? We have large duck eggs that will make your pie crust extra flaky.
We sell directly from the farm all year long.

You may already know that buying in bulk saves you money at retail stores, but did you know that applies to buying directly from farmers too?

At Shiloh Acres Family Farm, we raise American Guinea Hogs and sell their meat at affordable prices, but when you purchase a whole hog, you get an even better deal.

Here's how it works:
- Put down an $80 non-refundable deposit to reserve your hog.
- When your hog has reached the desired weight, we take it in for processing.
- When your meat is ready for pick-up, we'll make arrangements with you to have it delivered (within a 50 mile drive from our farm).
- Upon delivery, you'll pay the balance for your meat (we accept credit cards without an added fee).

What you can expect:
- American Guinea Hogs reach a good processing weight at 18 months of age. You may choose to have your hog processed at a younger age if you'd like less meat.
- You decide what cuts you'd like to have. We'll help you determine what cuts are best from an American Guinea Hog - don't expect to get bacon.
- The price of your hog is based upon the amount of meat you get. Our price is $5.50 per pound and the average amount of meat you'll get is 113 pounds. That yield will vary based upon the size of the hog when you're ready to have it processed.
- The processing time is usually one full week from drop off to pick up.

Are you wondering how much space you'll need in your freezer? You'll need 1 cubic foot of space for each 35-40 pounds of meat. If you don't have enough space then consider splitting the purchase with someone.

So how much are you really saving by going this route? The NC farmers report released their average pork costs in early January and found that small farmers sell whole processed hogs for $7.04 a pound. Buy from us and you'll save yourself an average of $1.54 a pound and you'll get a freezer full of some of the best tasting pork locally grown.