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How to Use Various Pork Cuts

When you're at the grocery store looking through the meat department, do you sometimes see a package of pig tails and wonder, "who buys those and what do you do with them"? I used to until I started raising American Guinea Hogs.

Long before the creation of Walmart and Food Lion, families butchered their own meat and used virtually every part for food. Neck bones, back bones, tails, ears, etc. were all included in the family's meal plan. I doubt they realized the nutritional value of

Cracking Egg Claims

Have you ever wondered what all those labels on your egg cartons really mean? Claims on your egg carton may not be exactly what you think they are. Here's a breakdown of what you're really getting when you buy chicken eggs.

Cage Free - The hens that lay these eggs are spending their days walking around an indoor enclosure and have access to food and water all day.

Free Range - These hens are Cage Free and spend their days outside. They aren't necessarily eating grass and bu

Learn Goat Lingo

Whether you're new to goats or you've been a goat owner for several years, it seems like many people misunderstand the terms associated with this common homestead ruminate. Here's a list of the most used words associated with goats.

Doe – Female Goat

Doeling – A baby female goat

Yearling – A one year old goat

Buck – Male goat

Buckling – A baby male goat

Wether – Castrated male goat

Kid – Baby goat, either male or female

Shop Local and Eat Healthier

Did you know that buying fresh meat and produce from a local farmer has a direct impact on your health? It's true. When you buy your produce directly from the farmer, you're getting it fresh from the farm to your fork. When you buy from a big box or chain grocery store, you're likely getting produce that was grown in another country and picked before it's peak flavor time. That's because those vegetables and fruits have to get from the farmer to the shipping dock then to the warehouse of the ret


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