We do not ship any of our products at this time. We deliver for free if your order is $30 or more and within a 10 mile radius of our farm. We also sell directly from the farm all year long. Just let us know you're coming and we'll have your order ready when you arrive.

Shiloh Acres Family Farm

The Best Things in Life are Homegrown

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Shop Local and Eat Healthier

Did you know that buying fresh meat and produce from a local farmer has a direct impact on your health? It's true. When you buy your produce directly from the farmer, you're getting it fresh from the farm to your fork. When you buy from a big box or chain grocery store, you're likely getting produce that was grown in another country and picked before it's peak flavor time. That's because those vegetables and fruits have to get from the farmer to the shipping dock then to the warehouse of the retailer so it can be distributed to the designated store. Most produce loses 30% of it nutrients just three days after harvest. Your local farmer picks the produce when it's ripe then sells it to you directly at a farmers market or a farm store. And don't forget that large farming operations that sell to big box stores use pesticides (unless the produce is marked organic) to ensure the largest crop possible so they can afford all of their overhead cost.Think about all of those chemicals that you're consuming with your dinner salad. To enjoy the healthiest produce available, support your local farmer and ask questions about what you're purchasing. You can do that when you buy directly from the farmer that grew the product. I've yet to see the farmer in the produce section of Walmart that grew the tomatoes sitting on the shelf. Food for thought.